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August 2008 Archive

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THIRD DEGREE BURNS (published 29 August , 2008)

Michael Jackson is now believed to be teaming up with the Three Degrees in his project to cover the works of Scotland's national bard. Star Trek fans are also being catered for with a version of Tam O'Shatner.




ORANGE AID (published 29 August , 2008)

Tibetan monks have banded together to release a charity single to highlight their plight.






ARKS R US (published 22 August , 2008)

Following this year's soggy summer, a new superstore has established itself in central Scotland conducting a brisk trade in self assembly arks. 'They're selling like wet cakes,' said an Arks R Us soaksperson yesterday. 'We're also giving away two free wasps with every purchase.'




SHORTBREAD SHORTAGE (published 22 August , 2008)

Edinburgh Fringe show Tartan Special's sensational shortbread giveaway promotion has resulted in severe shortages in supply of Scotland's essential foodstuff. 'Scotland's arteries are in serious danger of softening if something is not done soon to replenish stocks,' said the government's Minister of Shortie yesterday.




TARTAN SPECIAL (published 1 August , 2008)

The Reckless will be having a break during August while we fling ourselves into the Fringe. Come see the show, one and all - there's free shortbread! CD now available here!





BROWN DROWNS SORROWS (published 1 August , 2008)

In a last ditch plea for public sympathy, the PM has decided to chance his arm at Britain's Got Talent."You're ma besht mate, Piers. I can juggle and play the harmonica with ma arse, you know. Gis a job."




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