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December 2008 Archive

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ONLY SHOES (published 19 December, 2008)

The story of sole survivor, George Bush.








M.A.D.O.N.N.A. (published 19 December, 2008)

She's got 50 million quid to give away: M.A.D.O.N.N.A.







I'M SERIOUS (published 12 December, 2008)

He is, you know. Gordon and The Gaffers give it laldy. Hear, here: I'm Serious







HEY MR TALIBAN (published 12 December, 2008)

I'm a suicide bomber, baby. But I love you to bits.. Hear, Here: Terrorist Medley







SW1 - THE CD (published 5 December, 2008)

A brand new collection of typically topical songs by Tommy Mackay as featured on the SW1 radio show, '2 Hours Of Fun.' Get it here: SW1






WOGAN WHEELS OFF (published 5 December, 2008)

As Terry leaves the Eurovision, let us remind ourselves of that ill-fated Scottish entry
Hear, Here: Jocko Homo.





2 U2 ME (published 5 December, 2008)

The Chuckle Brothers bid for Christmas No.1. Hear, here: 2 U2 Me






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