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July 2005 Archive

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CARRY ON COONCILING (published 29 July 2005)

Following their spectacular mis-spelling bonanza on the Allan Wells plaque, Edinburgh council have unveiled the new sign adorning their sign writing headquarters.




WHYTE & MACKAY INTERNUTS (published 29 July 2005)

Supergroup Whyte & Mackay have launched their website into cyberspace with no sign of any bits falling off. Hear and see what on earth they are up to here:
Whyte & Mackay





TO BOLDLY LINLITHGOW (published 22 July 2005)

Star Trek legend Scotty's dying wishes were apparently to have his ashes blasted into space from the secret rocket hidden in Linlithgow Palace. It's true. A bloke down the pub told me.




SHOULD'VE GONE TO SPECSAVERS (published 21 July 2005)

One unfortunate punter with droopy eye syndrome regrets his failure to visit everyone's favourite high street opthalmic therapists.



TED'S LEGACY (published 21 July 2005)

A good old fashioned whiffy fart. That's it. Rejoice in your inner schoolboy.





Older readers may recall when our wunnerful MSPs promised freak hair for the elderly. Well, not content with this historic follicular offer, the oldies are up in arms and artificial body parts again, this time demanding they all punt their pensions on the National Lottery. Just fer a laugh, like.


AH'M ROASTIN' (published 15 July 2005)

Protesters, nostalgic for the old G8 days of last week, have taken to running through the streets moaning about the heat.




by Rock Correspondent, Tina Park
(published 8 July 2005)

Forget the field in Perthshire, the madness that is Whyte & Mackay continues to spread unabated. Catch them live at the Caledonian Backpackers on Queensferry Street in Edinburgh on the 9th July from 9pm. Entry £4. All the greatest hits promised, including 'Blue Nun Day', 'Wutherspoon Nights', 'Rock JD' and many many more. If you thought James Brown was hot, you ain't seen nuthin' yet. Awlright.






BUSH'S BOBBY BIKE LANES (published 6 July 2005)

Special bike lanes have been constructed around Gleneagles to allow the world's most powerful man to continue knocking over British Bobbies. A G8 alternatives spokesperson, Sonia Swedge, said yesterday, 'Mr Bush is to be commended for his part in helping to disarm the police state'.



MAKE COLDPLAY HISTORY (published 4 July 2005)

Music lovers rally round the cause to rid the world of insipid conservative rock groups. Update! T- Shirt available here:




MAKE PUBERTY HISTORY (published1 July 2005)

Old folks rally round the cause to ban teenagers from our streets.



SONGS FOR CHANGE (published 1 July 2005)

A whole bunch of alternative music events and more is happening across Edinburgh this week, including the editorial staff of The Daily Reckless performing live at The Royal Oak on Monday 4th July alongside a bunch of poets and stuff. For more info see:


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