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July 2008 Archive

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POPE MOBILE (published 18 July , 2008)

No sin too small as pontiff launches new absolving phone helpline.






DUCK SOUP (published 18 July , 2008)

The latest cullinary sensation unveiled. With added croutons.






BLETHERING SHITE (published 11 July , 2008)

George (the artist formerly known as Kate) Bush serenades the Broonster in the revamped paean to Heathcliff.






FAKE PHOTOS FARCE (published 11 July , 2008)

Iran's missile launches continue unabated. Here we see the real unphotoshopped truth.





BYE BYE WENDY (published 4 July , 2008)

Wendy Alexander - victim of a witch hunt, or hoisted by her own petard? This is the question. And this is the song: Bye Bye Wendy





CHARLIE TASERS KYLIE (published 4 July , 2008)

Prince Charles has decided to break with royal tradition by applying a taser to recipients of awards instead of the traditional sword. Here we see Kylie Minogue getting 2,000 volts in the face.



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