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November 2008 Archive

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NEVERLAND NO MORE (published 28 November, 2008)

All the fun of the fair. Without the fun.
Or the fair.
Hear, Here: Letter To Michael Jackson.




NO MORE PICK AND NICK (published 28 Novembe, 2008)

How the mighty have fallen. Hear, here: No More Woolies






SANTA'S GOT THE BNP LIST (published 21 November, 2008)

He's checking the list, he's checking it twice. Hear, here:
Thousands Of Racists Are Leaving Town






CAN YOU DO THE FANDANGO? (published 21 November , 2008)

Political correspondent stops dancing.
Hear, Here: Carry On Sergeant.





FLOAT ON (published 21 November , 2008)

Devo meet The Floaters in this piratical mix.
Hear, Here: Float On




FOREVER IN HI-VIS (published 14 November , 2008)

Dog forced to wear high visibilty jacket in Wales. Hear, Here: Forever In Hi-Vis.







CHARLIE IS A DALEK (published 14 November , 2008)

Yes, it's true. Our future leader, seen here celebrating his sixtieth birthday in front of his lord and master, the great big Dalek Daddy, is in fact a descendant from the planet Skaro. Hear, here: Charlie Is A Dalek





GLENROTHES (published 7 November , 2008)

As America goes for change, Fife decides no to bother. Hear, here: Glenrothes






BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE (published 5 November , 2008)
(pic by Cakie)

He's only went and gone and done it. Hear, Here: B.A.R.A.C.K.O.B.A.M.A..






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