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October 2005 Archive

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The Daily Reckless October 2005 Archive


COMPULSORY SPECS FOR ALL (published 26 October 2005)

The government has announced its intention to introduce compulsory eye tests for all. The populace will be fitted with rose tinted glasses through which to see all the latest policies passed through parliament.




BLEAK BUTE HOUSE (published 26 October 2005)

The latest period drama from the BBC promises to detail the thrilling goings on and stunning hairdos running riot in the Scottish body politic. It is understood no bodices were ripped in the making of this product.





TURKEY WITH SNIFFLES (published 19 October 2005)

That's it. It's all over. Christmas is off. As turkeys everywhere begin to sniff and sneeze in the wake of the bird flu scare, the Scottish Executive advises Scots to have fish fingers for Christmas dinner.




ROAD RADGE (published 19 October 2005)

Embra city cooncil deny the new traffic system in the centre of town has caused confusion and bewilderment amongst drivers and hieroglyphic experts alike.




CURSE OF THE WET RABBITS (published 12 October 2005)

The Scottish Lib Dem party has rebranded itself using clay animation. Wallace and Nicol have been posing for pictures to promote this radical change in direction. So far no-one has noticed the difference.




SCOTS SITCOM SUCCESS (published 14 October 2005)

Scots adaptations of US sitcom classics are proving a huge success as 'Franz' and 'Taxi for McLetchie' take off.




BIG CAT SPOTTED IN EMBRA (published 7 October 2005)

The big cat last seen on the prowl in Fife, has now been spotted climbing the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh. It is believed to have sniffed out some tasty salmon and sturgeon within the premises. Crack police squads are on the scene shouting, 'Here, kitty, kitty,' through their megaphones.




ARDROSSAN GAMES (published 7 October 2005)

Meanwhile, residents of Ardrossan are still smarting after their town was nominated for the Plook on the Plinth Award for plug ugly toons. Mayor, Tam Tamson points to the town's vast cultural heritage, including its hosting of the annual car wreck and trolley jump championship for dogs.



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