Daily Reckless


I'm famous off the internet
I was in Jack McConnell's cabinet
of drink that is. I nicked his booze
You might have seen me on You Tube

Bouncing on the Bute House bed
And getting completely off my head

Cos whenever I come into town
I like to wear the First Minister's dressing gown

Well, I've been around, I like a laugh
You should have seen me in Alex Salmond's bath
Singing Madonna's 'Like A Virgin'
To a photograph of Nicola Sturgeon

But at least I had the decency to wear a mask
When I slipped into Annabel Goldie's basque


Now Colin Fox, he is my pal
He lent me his Das Kapital
He said capitalists are a bunch of cunts
You should have seen me in his Karl Marx Y- fronts


The Green Party are very nice
I popped round once for beans and rice
But all the guys adorned their cocks
With Robin Harper's rainbow socks

Not very trendy
Nor environmentally friendly



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