The Invisible Dot presents.



Installation Art meets promenade theatre meets comedy in the boldest show on the Fringe.

Written and Directed by MARK WATSON.

Special guest in the cabaret room 5th - 8th August- The Sensational Alex Salmond Band


Box office: 0131 6233030 /

Wednesday 5th – Monday 31st August.
(No show 17th)

Tickets £9 - £13

Previews 5th & 6th August. All tickets £6.

The Hotel is a form-busting new concept whereby a meticulous representation of a hotel is built, riddled with startling and amusing detail and staffed by the most innovative young comedians in the country.  An immersive experience that exists in that astonishing space where art and reality blur. And it’s funny, disconcerting and intriguing.

The cast are staff. The audience guests. Upon arrival they are invited to explore over 10 bizarre rooms that include The Gym, staffed by officious fitness instructors hell-bent on TRYING TO GET MORE PEOPLE INTO SPORT and fully equipped with mini golf course, a 2m running track and a forever jogging man on an unstoppable treadmill; an Admin Centre- the bizarre, interrogative nucleus of the hotel- where inane psychological tests and arbitrary tasks must be undergone in order that guests achieve their ID cards (or be otherwise dealt with); the Chill Out zone, offering massages from some not-so-chilled-out masseuses while a questionable guru delivers his meditations; and an expansive bar and restaurant where, among the dubious entertainment, guests are invited to choose from a menu- but can’t be guaranteed they’ll get what they ordered. The world of The Hotel even penetrates cyber space, as users of the Business Centre discover when trying to get onto the world-wide web, only to be confronted with The Hotel’s very own intranet.

Written and directed by Mark Watson (IF.COMEDY AWARD WINNER, ‘THE HIGHEST ACHIEVER THE FRINGE HAS SEEN THIS DECADE’ – TIMES). Set design by Becs Andrews (ETT, ROYAL OPERA HOUSE, ICA. LINBURY BIENIAL AWARD WINNER). The Hotel features a cast of 20 and is put together by a team of over 40 technical staff.

It’s the first happening of its kind on the fringe and is already being spoken about as a likely run-away smash of 2009.


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