Daily Reckless


"Our economy, like any other, is facing a very hard challenge as a result of the global financial crisis and in a sense it's all hands on deck."

"Gordon's alive!"

"Each of us has to play our part and that's what I propose to do myself."

Look who's coming back to town
Riding on the coat tails of Gordon Brown
It's Peter Mandelson

People say that Gordon's brave
Bringing him back from the grave
And it's a gamble
Can't be long now before we see Alistair Campbell

Oh Mandy
You've been in the government three times now
And you can't stay away
How handy
We thought you loved Tony, but now you love Brown
You're the comeback kid

Do you see what I did there?
I used an old song and changed the lyrics
So now it's something to do with politics
That's satire

"Ah, ah! He'll save every one of us. Just a man with a man's courage. You know he's nothing but a man who can never fail."

"Third time lucky!"



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