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Barry McDonald
I am a man in his mid-thirties who appears to be experiencing an early mid-life crisis (unless of course I only live to 70, in which case it's justified). But I can't afford a motorbike, can't be bothered having an affair with someone 15 years younger and already have a tattoo... so I thought I'd try stand-up comedy. That's it really. As you were. "Packed with gags" - Evening News "Droll, self-deprecating ginger" - The List "You're not that fucking funny" - My wife

Tommy Mackay

As you can see, I am endorsed by the Scottish Government. I used to play in punk bands back in the 70s and 80s, but now do comedy and that. I have played many comedy and music clubs across Scotland as well as radio shows. I have compered, headlined, and serenaded pit bull terriers in Grangemouth. Over at the Daily Reckless, a website wot I write, you will find many, many CDs. 'Cheeky' - The Sun 'Enthralling' Sunday Herald.

Special Guests confirmed so far...

31st - Daniel Sloss
1st - Martin McAllister
2nd - Chris Forbes
3rd - Obie
4th - Phil Wooton
5th -Jay Lafferty
7th- Martin McAllister
8th - Teddy
9th - Viv Gee
10th - Iain Andrew
11th - Graham Mackie
12th - Andy Learmonth
13th - Daniel Webster
14th - Scotty Domhnallach
15th - Annette Fagan
16th - Elaine Malcolmson

It's all over.... sniff...