South Queensferry's number one Fall tribute band.



Attribute to Fall gruppe

Track listing and sources:

1. Spinetrak (original on The Light User Syndrome, 1996)
2. Clear Off!
(original on 458489 B Sides, 1990, also 'Public Animal No.9' - Alice Cooper drums and piano)
3. Ballroom Insekt
(Aldous Huxley interview/Live version of 'Ballroom Blitz' by The Rezillos/Cyber Insekt from The Unutterable, 2000)
4. Dice Man
(original on Dragnet, 1979, guitar/drums from 'I Want Candy' - Rock & Roll Chef)
5. The Container Drivers
(original on Grotesque, 1980)
6. Your Heart Out
(original on Dragnet, 1979)
7. Wherever's The Taxi? Cunt
(Theme from 'Taxi'/'Wherever I Lay My Hat' by Paul Young/'Theme from Mahogany' by Diana Ross/'Where's The Fuckin' Taxi? Cunt' on Rude, 2005)
8. Leave The Capitol
(original on Slates, 1981)
9. Rebellious Jukebox
(original on Live At The Witch Trials, 1979)
10. Stephen Song
(original on The Wonderful And Frightening World Of..., 1984, drums from 'Jeepster' - T.Rex)
11.Lucifer Over Lancashire
(original on 458489 B Sides, 1990)
12. Theme From Sparta FC
(original on The Real New Fall LP Formerly 'Country On The Click', 2003)

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