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February 2005 Archive

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BUCKFAST BRANCH OUT (published 24 February 2005)

Top purveyors of fine tonic wine for the masses, Buckfast, have decided to branch out into Worcester Sauce production following reports that there is a sudden gap in the market. Justice minister, Aunty Catty Jailbird, said yesterday: "Pure quality, man. That'll keep the neds aff ma case fur a bit."



NAW (published 24 February 2005)

This week sees the release of the album Close to the Radge by Scottish Yes anti-tribute band, Naw. Band members include Jon Yerselson, Fuck Sakeman and Steve How No?




PURPLE REIGN (published 17 February 2005)

Camel Porker Bowels has pledged her allegiance to the crown by tattooing her face purple. "What does one mean he's not the artist formerly known as squiggle?" she twittered yesterday.




THE RETURN OF LETTERMAN (published 17 February 2005)

Charlie's sending out missives again, the little scamp. In case you missed his letters in 2002, you can see them in the archives here: The Letterman series



HEY MR TANGERINE MAN (published 10 February 2005)

The ego has latinised. See the marvellous tribute to Mr Kilroy-Slik right here: Kilroy




VERITAS PARTY CAMPAIGN VIDEO (published 10 February 2005)

Another cinematic treat from the people who brought you Hey Mr Tangerine Man: Veritas Party




COCAINE IS GOOD FOR YOU (published 3 February 2005)

Following his endorsement of getting smashed out your napper on booze, the First Minister is now endorsing the white stuff. "Get tore intae it," says Jacko.





MARILYN MASON (published 3 February 2005)

Latest attempt to look dead scary and that by goth shocker has nation's blood curdling in anticipation.



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