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February 2008 Archive

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The Daily Reckless February 2008 Archive


HERR HARRY (published 29 February, 2008)

As news filters through of Prince Harry's brave stint on the front line, we can reveal he has finally found time to don the full nazi uniform instead of merely the token armband.







MONARCHY MASH (published 29 February, 2008)

Meanwhile, Mohammed Al Fayed's accusations about the Royal Family appear to bear fruit, as Tommy Mackay raids the BBC horror sound effects department to produce ghoulish evidence. Hear, here: Monarchy Mash





BYE BYE HI-FIDEL (published 22 February, 2008)

And so, as the Cuban leader retires from the political world stage, The Plagiarist presents a fitting encapsulation of the man's music. Hear, here: The Last Hi Fidelity Dictator







WE MEAN SOMETHING (published 15 February, 2008)

There is much strange stuff occuring on our little planet. And Tommy Mackay is determined to record it all for posteriority. From people pretending to die in canoes, newsreaders with uncontrollable flatulence and bike shaggers, to New Year bathers, E-bay obsessives and dog excrement cooks. All human life is here and it all means something. Doesn't it? Get the latest here: We Mean Something




JOCKO EURO (published 15 February, 2008)

As Scotland gears up for its first ever entry into the Eurovision Song Contest, the Daily Reckless offers up its contribution to this culturally significant event. Hear, here: Jocko Euro






SHANIA LAW UNAVOIDABLE (published 8 February, 2008)

The Archbishop of Englandton has warned that Shania Twain Law is inevitable across the nation, as the hen party phenomenon of wearing cowboy hats and singing 'Still The One' while paralytic spreads uncontrollably across the land. A spokesperson for high class Edinburgh nightclub, Espionage, said yesterday, ' That don't impress me much.'




WENDY ALEXANDER BROTHERS (published 8 February, 2008)

Following last week's exclusive Daily Reckless scoop that the Alexander Brothers have joined the Wee Tam Clan, we can now reveal that the Brothers have also spawned a tribute to the leader of the Scottish Labour Party following her exoneration in the wake of the funding scandal. Naturally, their first release is a cover of the Tommy Mackay classic, Wendy Alexander (right click, save as...).




ALEXANDER BROTHERS JOIN WEE TAM CLAN (published 1 February, 2008)

The void left by the death of Ol' Dirty Bastard in American hip hop troubadours, The Wu Tang Clan, has now been filled by Caledonia's very own masters of melodious mawkishness, The Alexander Brothers. Hear how they fit in here: No Cold Blooded Child




FIFE DISSOLVES (published 1 February, 2008)

The recent inclement weather has taken its toll on the kingdom of Fife, which has now completely dissolved. Our picture shows drivers forlornly crossing the Forth bridge only to be enveloped in the ethereal nothingness and fug of the former vibrant county of dreams.



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