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June 2008 Archive

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FUCK THE ZEITGEIST (published 27 June , 2008)

The Reckless expands its media empire into the world of podcasts. A plethora of comedy music awaits. Hear, here: Fuck The Zeitgeist





CHEWING THE FATWA (published 27 June , 2008)

Salman Rushdie has joined the Chuckle Brothers. Cheery Charley Chuckle said yesterday, 'We seriously need to bolster our smug quotient as well as our funny face pulling portfolio. Wendy Alexander was busy and Sally Rushdie fits the bill beautifully.'




WEIR WILL ROCK YOU (published 13 June , 2008)
Legendary rambler, Tom Weir, recalls the tale of SS Politician here: Whisky Galore In The Jar







TORTOISE TORY (published 13 June , 2008)

Celebrity tortoise, Stormin' Norman has announced his resignation from the Conservative party over the planned bagpipe ban on the Royal Mile. The shock announcement came shortly after people were just regaining their composure after learning the velocity challenged creature could lend itself to such an excrutiating headline pun.




BRITNEY'S GOT TARRANT (published 6 June , 2008)

Locked in an apartment in Hull. Exclusive musical evidence of the pop princess's latest desperate attention seeking kidnapping ploy. Hear, here: Britney's Got Tarrant






M & S GET TOUGH (published 6 June , 2008)

As punters continue to deploy eco-unfriendly carrier bags, Marks and Spencers are forced to get miltary on their unreconstructed asses.



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