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4 PIAFS AND A PIANO (published 30 May, 2008)

For anyone who remembers the legendary 70s Scotsport Duke of Dour, a special treat awaits. If you've no idea what we're on about, it's still a cracking song: Hear, here: Arthur Montford's Autograph





RECKLESS ON LEITH CONT... (published 30 May, 2008)

Catch Mackay and a bunch of comedians at The Cruz, The Shore, Edinburgh 2nd, 3rd and 4th June, 10pm. Fun and Frolics a speciality.




OK - LET'S GO! (published 23 May, 2008)

Now the Irish turkey has been kicked out, a campaign to get the Scottish turkey in kicks off. Listen to the Scottish Eurovision entry now: Jocko Euro





RECKLESS ON LEITH (published 23 May, 2008)

Be sure to tune in to the Les Bell show on Leith FM on Wednesday 28th May between noon and 2pm (GMT) to hear Mackay plug the Absolute Best of Absolute Beginners show at the Leith Festival.



DAVID ICKE & TINA TURNER (published 16 May, 2008)

Never mind the blue bigots, here's the twat in turqouise jamming with Lady T: David Icke & Tina Turner






SPEAK LIKE SEAN DAY (published 16 May, 2008)

Alexsh Shalmond hash proposhed a shpeak like Sean Connery day shometime shoon, posshibly Sheptember Shixteenth.





HUGHIE GREEN'S MY DAD (published 9 May, 2008)

And Pam Ayers is my mum. Shocking new revelations exposed in this spanking new Mackay melodrama. Hear, here: Hughie Green's My Dad






LET'S BE PALS (published 9 May, 2008)

The Wendy Alex banter enters a surreal realm as the classifying of cannabis clouds the issue. Chill out guys, by sucking on the Wendy Alexander Brothers remix, as featured on The New Sound, available in the Daily Reckless shop.





THE NEW SOUND (published 1 May, 2008)

Another random selection of music, speeches and remixes from The Plagiarist. Includes evidence of subliminal satanism, the global lizard conspiracy and Scotland's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. The most fun you can have with your cloth ears on. Get it here: The New Sound



BROWNFINGER! (published 1 May, 2008)

Another astonishing medical breakthrough, as Gordon Brown's nail bitten fingers are sprinkled with pixie dust to make them miraculously manicured. A top scientist, Barry Boffin, said yesterday, 'It's all very exciting, but unfortunately the magic pixie dust has also caused the PM's nose to grow at an alarming rate.'




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