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The Daily Reckless
October 2008 Archive

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The Daily Reckless October 2008 Archive

QUE? (published 31 October, 2008)

Celebrity Spares fuck up again. Before they decide to give Clive Dunn a call, listen to the Reckless rendition of the phone prank debacle. Contains a blistering Sachs solo. Hear, here: He's From Barcelona




A FRIGHTFULLY POSH HALLOWEEN (published 31 October, 2008)

The Heretics have taken over the gazebo. Hear, Here: A Frightfully Posh Halloween.





SLUR QUEEN (published 24 October, 2008)

Mischevious little minx immortalised in song. Hear, here: Kerry Katona






HYPNO QUEEN (published 24 October, 2008)

Her Majesty uses her uncanny hypnotic laser powers to control her daughter.





DEAR RINGO (published 17 October, 2008)

As the wacky drummer pleads for an end to fan mail, hear my heartfelt plea to the mad ex-Beagle. Hear here: Dear Ringo





IS IT ABSURD? IS IT A PAIN? (published 17 October, 2008)

No, it's our fiscal saviour. Hear, here: Gordon Brown (Superhero mix)





3 IS THE MAGIC NUMBER (published 10 October, 2008)

A paean to the pain that is Peter Mandelson
Get it here: Crash Gordon vs Mandy






2 TO YOU (published 10 October, 2008)

Meanwhile, John still prefers the 2 finger salute. Get him here: John Prescott






EASTLIFE (published 3 October, 2008)

New Mahatma Ghandi tribute boy band unveiled






MIND PROGRAMMING (published 1 October, 2008)

Brand new Plagiarist CD out now.
Get it here: Mind Programming




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