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Fragments from an idea to cover Bowie songs at the All Back To Bowie's show at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe.

Tactful thistle in Strathmiglo
Surveys the prairie of Dunoon
Mobile phones spin out derision
Nicola puts her twitter feed on hold

They've called the cops out on the west side
To all the cybernats at home
But the key to the meeja
Is in the Sun that pins allegiance to Sky

I count the corpses on my left, I find they're all New Labour
We'll be better away, better together today
Do yourself a favour
You can't control it, not Gordon Brown
Nor Darling can revive it

I slash them cold, I kill them dead
I broke the gooks, I cracked their heads
I'll bomb them out from under the beds
But now I've got the Central Belt blues...

Pushing through St Andrews Square
So many actors flyering (flyering)
News had just come over
We had Fifers left and right here
News guy wept when he told us
Perth was really dire...

It's a godawful Scots affair
To the guy with the ginger hair
In his tammy, he's yelling 'No'
Cos Darling told him to say so
Barrowman is nowhere to be seen
As he walks through a tartan dream
To the seat with the clearest view
And he's hooked to the silver screen...

I'm up on Scott Monument watching the tourists below
There's a piper on Princes Street trying hard to blow blow blow
Well he's known in the darkest close for pushing ahead when in Jenners
If he says he can play it, then he can play it, but he don't do The Proclaimers

Walk out Easter Road for 500 Miles
Oh no not him

He's so pishy in his tartan tat
In his kilt towel and see you Jimmy Hat
Oh god I could do better than that...

Gavin went to Markinch station
Dougie tried to change at Perth
Well he can tell you that he tried
I could make a tram for patients out of Rottenrow ah

So, in Viking
Is solentisinger, hey that's hard
I wonder what their translation is for Auchterarder...

Hey man - it's not about SNP
Hey man - or even identity
Hey man - Women for Independence
Have a cunning plan to make you see sense

Hey man - Alistair Darling's insane
Hey man - All his work's down the drain
Hey man - Well, he's a total bam bam
He shaking at the knees and then he, and then he

Oh, Dave Cameron
Sez we can't afford to chuck it
Get back to Bullingdon City
Oh, don't lean on Johanne
'Cause she isnae the full ticket
Get back to Bullingdon City
You're full o shite
You know I'm right

Miliband - Hey, don't waste my time, go away
Hey man - I can't take you this time, no way
Hey man - Say Gideon don't crash here
There's only room for one and here he comes, here he comes...

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