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Part 24

Because the chap had no spectacles, nor an outrageously elongated forehead, many were sceptical of his claims to be a scientist, until he exclaimed in an authoritative tone:

'I am Kurt Cutlery, a physicist at the Albert Einstein Institute in Golm, Germany. I have reason to believe this gentleman may have information pertaining to the black hole information paradox.' He pointed at Ryan.

'I have vital evidence concerning the black hole information paradox,' said Ryan.

'See. Told you,' said Mr Cutlery.

Meanwhile, Lech Lutha and John F. Kennedy stumbled confusedly through the darkness wondering where the hell they were.

'Where are we?' said Lech.

'I don't know,' said the president.

'But I think I've just tripped over a wire of some sort.'

After their meeting with Casper in the afterlife, the pair had discovered that he had a degree of influence within the ministry of transubstandardation and, after several enquiries and bureaucratic machinations, had managed to wangle a trip back to the land of the living with the proviso that the pair attempt to contact Michael Cade in order to send Casper's regards.

However, due to a spectacular administrative error (sadly - a way of life, even amongst the dead) they had been transported into the black hole that was the mind of Ryan.

The president checked the loose cable lying at his feet, around which was wrapped a label with 'Do Not Remove' written on it. Examining the outlet from which the lead had been yanked, JFK noted the inscription Knowledge Blockage Socket emblazoned around it.

'Do you think I should put this back?' he said, twirling the wire round in his hands.

'No,' said Lech, firmly. 'It has got a lot lighter in here since you pulled it out.'

'Yes, I noticed that too,' said the president.

Suddenly, Ryan's booming tones, now devoid of their customary nasal drone thanks to the president's clumsiness, bellowed out, echoing around them: 'I have vital evidence concerning the black hole information paradox.'

'I think we're inside someone's mind,' said the president.

'Their brain?' said Lech.

'No. Their mind. There's a difference, you know.'

'There is?'

'There is.'


'Well, let's just say, I lost my brain, but I never lost my mind.'

'You've lost me now.'

'Can we have this conversation later?'

'By all means.'

'Thank you.'

The pair wandered aimlessly around for a while attempting to familiarize themselves with their peculiar new surroundings.

'Have you ever been in someone's mind before?' asked Lutha.

'Not physically, no,' said the president. 'Why?'

'I am only wandering. I think we should step very carefully. We could be upsetting the whole balance of this person's being with our heavy trudging. And there are a great deal of wires and labels everywhere.'

JFK peered inquisitively about, noting the sundry flesh coloured dangling cables and apertures surrounding them.

'Yes,' he said. 'I wonder who puts up all these labels?'

'The Mind Boggles,' said Lutha.

The president seemed taken aback by this sudden emphatic statement.

'The Mind Boggles?' he repeated. 'Who are they?'

Next week: The Mind Boggles and Their Part in Our Downfall



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